Dr. Zeel Shah - Gynecologist - Shanta Medical Centre

Dr. Zeel Shah

MS, DNB (Ob-Gyn)

Obstetrics and Gynecology Department

Dr. Zeel Shah is a highly experienced gynecologist with a passion for women’s healthcare. With a career spanning nine years, she has dedicated her expertise to addressing various aspects of women’s reproductive and sexual health. Dr. Zeel possesses a wealth of knowledge in the field, with a particular focus on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), subfertility, and the overall well-being of women.

Throughout her professional journey, Dr. Zeel has remained actively involved in multiple societies and organizations, serving as a vital member of the youth brigade team. She tirelessly advocates for the holistic well-being of women, aiming to improve their quality of life by addressing their unique health needs and concerns. Driven by her unwavering commitment, she actively contributes to shaping the future of women’s healthcare and ensuring accessible and comprehensive services for all.

Dr. Zeel’s empathetic and patient-centric approach has earned her a reputation as a compassionate and trustworthy medical professional. She understands the importance of fostering strong doctor-patient relationships and takes the time to listen, educate, and empower her patients. By creating a supportive environment, she helps women navigate through their reproductive and sexual health journey with confidence and ease.

With a strong belief in evidence-based medicine, Dr. Zeel stays up-to-date with the latest advancements in her field. She embraces a multidisciplinary approach, collaborating with other healthcare specialists to provide comprehensive care to her patients. Driven by her dedication and expertise, she strives to offer personalized treatment plans that meet each patient’s unique needs and goals.

Dr. Zeel’s contributions to women’s healthcare extend beyond her clinical practice. She actively participates in medical conferences, seminars, and workshops, sharing her knowledge and experiences with fellow healthcare professionals. Through her engagements, she seeks to inspire and educate others, fostering a collaborative environment for the advancement of women’s healthcare.

With Dr. Zeel Shah’s guidance and expertise, countless women have found solace and support in their journey towards optimal health and well-being. Her unwavering commitment, specialized knowledge, and genuine care make her a trusted partner for women of all ages, ensuring they receive the best possible care for their reproductive and sexual health needs.


Wednesday : 4.00 PM To 6.00 PM Saturday: 9.00 AM To 11.00 AM